The Technology may have changed.
But the storytelling is timeless.

The story of aviation has never really changed, and neither has the human condition. We are adventurers and storytellers – but now those adventures and stories often rely on highly targeted technologies that help us fly further and faster than ever before.

Amelia Media provides public relations and marketing support for technology companies, government clients and non-profits primarily in the aviation industry. We are experts at identifying market segments and targeting complex material in a way that it will effectively reach your desired customer.

Amelia Media meets our clients where they are. Our experienced team can begin with finding your market niche, developing your brand, creating a strategy and managing the campaign from start to finish, or we can support a developed strategy with on-brand content creation and video production.

From Andrea:

When I was a kid I remember my Mom watching the birds.

She would wonder out loud what it would be like to be up there with them. She loved to watch them soaring, and she would marvel at how they could catch a current and ride it effortlessly, without the slightest movement of their wings. Her favorite dreams, she told me, were the ones where she could fly.

My mom is not the first person to dream of flight. Since the earliest recorded history (and even before, I’m sure), humans have been fascinated by a bird’s natural ability to shake off the confines of gravity and dance up in the sky. But, for most of history, we couldn’t reach them.

Human beings have taken great risks and sacrificed a lot– including our lives – for a chance to have those dreams be a reality and to reach the heavens. We have relied on our ability to share ideas and intelligence, to learn from each other and from those that came before us, to supplement our physical limitations.

It took us generations of wondering, dreaming, and experimenting but finally, we learned to fly. On December 7, 1903, Orville Wright succeeded in the first powered flight, and we haven’t stopped since.

The name Amelia means striving or industrious and of course, is the name of one of the most famous aviators of all time – Amelia Earhart.

Like my mother, all of us at Amelia Media are awed daily by the miracle of flight, and it is our mission to help navigate the increasingly complex communication needed to bring aviation technologies together.

This is Amelia Media.